LE – Materials for Seminar on Trauma-Informed Sexual Assault investigations

CLASS OUTLINES & additional info on each subject: 

Class Outline 1: Trauma-informed Training Introduction: Rape myths, Recognizing Victim needs, Shedding bias

Class Outline 2:  Neurobiology of Trauma

 Recommended readings on neurobiology of sexual assault-Campbell +Clark

Class Outline 3:  FETI Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview-Summary — FETI_summary slide

—The Cognitive interview: this is incorporated into the FETI interview as taught by Mr. Clark : Current_CI_Research-Geiselman 2014 — How the CI works:  Cognitive interview summary

Class Outline 4:  Sex Offenders 

Class Outline 5:  Advanced Sexual Assault Investigations Class  SEXUAL ASSAULT INVESTIGATIONS

—Model policy for Sexual Assault Investigations – International Association of Chiefs of Police IACP+MODEL+POLICY

Case example 1

— Case example 2

— Case example 3



Trauma-informed Response to Sexual Assault — Introducion:  1-False reports-rape myths

The Neurobiology of Trauma:  2-neurobiology-of-trauma

Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview, with Cognitive Interview elements:  3-fetici

Offenders:  4-offenders

Advanced Sexual Assault Investigation:  5-advanced-sexual-assault-investigation


Other Supporting Publications and Useful Links 

Addresses & links for  Electronic data requests

 Understanding the Non-stranger rapist- ndaa2007


Rape Myths Explained:  Countering-common-misperceptions-of-Sexual Assault-victims

False Reports of Sexual Assault are Rare: readings: False-Allegations-10years of literature False Reports – NDAA

Sexual Victimization of College Women -2000

Survey of student & non-student Sexual Assault ages 18-24 : ncvsurvey

Graphic on Failure of Prosecution:  RAIN reworked

—  National Stats on Sexual Violence:  statistics-about-sexual-violence