Victim Rights Center files Writ of Error Brief challenging a trial court denial of a victim’s right to attend pre-trial conferences in criminal cases. Writ of Error Brief

Victim Rights Center Featured in the January 2016 edition of “The Victim’s Voice” from the CT Office of the State Victim Advocate:  The Victims’ Voice January 2016

Three articles from the Hartford Courant Coverage of a major denial of a child sexual assault victim’s rights (represented by VRCCT):

Teen Asks Judge to Reject Plea Deal – 10-30-2015

Judge: Victim’s Rights Ignored – 10-31-2015

No Sex Registry For Defendant After Child Rape Charge Reduced To Assault – 12-12-2015

Groundbreaking decision protecting victim from subpoena in habeas corpus proceeding: Fuger_habeas_victim_decision

Motion for Protective Orders for the Victim – Victim Rights Center’s motion leading to the decision : habeas_victim_motion+ruling